Walter’s Menu

Walter’s Menu

Minimum for two people (60,00 € per person, wine not included)

Welcome drink with appetizer

# Egg cooked on low heat on a cheese cream with truffle (1,3,7)

Homemade Pici with bacon, artichokes and cannellini beans puree (1,3)

# Risotto Carnaroli 12 months aged with asparagus and truffle (3,7)

#* Baked pigeon with orange flavoured apple, almonds and Vin Santo sauce (8)

Selection of Italian cheese with mustards

Dessert Menu

Jolly Espresso coffee with pastries

Wines suggested by the glass

5,00 €Valdipiatta Nibbiano Sangiovese Bianco di Toscana IGT 2016-Valdipiatta Montepulciano

10,00 €Val Di Suga Brunello di Montalcino DOCG 2013

The dessert wine will be selected by our Sommelier

# Gluten free, * Fresh and chilled product, frozen product

  1. Cereals containing gluten, namely: wheat, rye, barley, oats, spelled, kamut or their hybridised strains and products there of
  2. Crustaceans and products based on shellfish
  3. Eggs and egg-based products
  4. Fish and fish products
  5. Peanuts and peanut-based products
  6. Soybeans and products of it
  7. Milk and milk-based products (including lactose
  8. Nuts, namely: almond, hazelnuts, walnuts, nuts Cagiù, pecans, pistachios, macadamia or Queensland nuts and products there of
  9. Celery and products based on celery
  10. Mustard and products based on mustard
  11. Sesame seeds and products based on sesame seeds
  12. Sulphur dioxide and sulphites at concentration above 10 mg/kg
  13. Lupin and products based on lupins
  14. Molluscs and products based on shellfish