Goat’s cheese (Robiola di Capra)

Goat’s cheese (Formaggio di capra con cenere)

Cow’s cheese (Testun alle vinacce di Barolo)

Cow’s cheese (Sora di Castelmagno)

Cow’s cheese (Taleggio Dop)

Buffalo’s cheese (Casatica formaggio molle di Bufala)

Cow’s, goat’s cheese (Il Re tre latti a pasta molle crosta edible)

Aged blue-cheese from ewe’s milk (Guttus di Albinia)

Aged blue-cheese from goat’s milk (Blu di Capra)


Selection of three pecorino from Toscana

Selection of goat’s cheese

Small selection of cheese

Large selection of all cheese

Our cheese is on sale to takeaway